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New Gringo website

The Gringo studio has a new website; check it out here (now a real portfolio, instead of a joke). The flash piece was procuded by Arthur Debert and Gabriel Laet, both from Gringo, and I helped creating some of the small website previews.

Gringo is a web development studio located in São Paulo, Brazil. With only one year of existence, it’s already one of the coolest studios in the country, and in the world, in my opinion. It’s also the company I’m doing most of my freelance work nowadays. They have some pretty nice projects created, so check them out and remember their name.

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So it was only around 2000, when the internet started growing in popularity here, that I thought, ‘Well, I should really look at setting up a website,’ and that’s when the idea was born.

Posted by ben parker on 13/Apr/2007 at 11:12 pm

Ben: funny, I always refer that site to foreign friends when they want to know more about the country.

Posted by Zeh on 14/Apr/2007 at 12:05 am