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Misc Tweener links and cool examples to look at

Here’s a few links that are long overdue.

Jens Krause has an extension to use contrast, saturation and other color properties in Tweener. It’s based on Mario Klingemann’s ever helpful ColorMatrix class. The next version of Tweener will include similar special properties, although the internal implementation is pretty different (due to the fact that the engine also supports color matrix tweenings natively now), but Jens Krause’s work does pretty much everything one could want for color tweening.

Unic8 Studios has just posted an interactive demo of their online 3d slideshow system, called Scaena. It uses Papervision3D for some pretty nifty slideshow effects, and Tweener to help with the animation. Awesome system.

On an slightly similar note, Donovan Adams has examples of a flipping banner using Papervision3D and Tweener. Sources are included.

Mr. Doob has published a few experiments with Papervision3D and depth of field in Flash, this one which is pretty nice and uses Tweener to change a few properties of the visible objects. Very cool.

Ernesto Quezada has a series of posts about building desktop widgets with Flash, using an assortment of different features when doing so. One of his posts talks about Tweener,

My very favorite person that I can’t really understand, Aquioux, continues to publish some very nice examples using Papervision3d and/or Tweener, and including sources when doing so. Check this one out – it’s about using bezier instead of linear paths to move glyphs around while building words.

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Hey Zeh.

Thanks for the links. Pretty interesting stuff.
Aquinox’s pieces are wonderful. Too bad we can’t say:
Tweener.addTween(aquinoxSite, {language:english, transition:”linear”}); ;
Maybe in the next release?


Posted by Arthur Debert on 19/Sep/2007 at 11:16 am

Hey Zeh, happy to see that Tweener is getting the recognition it deserves.

re:Aquioux’s stuff, maybe Google can help a bit.


– Francis

Posted by Francis on 20/Sep/2007 at 4:03 pm

The Tweener extension is great!

Scaena performance is terrible, especially if running simultaneously with other animation.

Posted by LEE on 26/Sep/2007 at 8:26 am