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Smart Flash resize with FitFlash

Fellow Brazilian Miller Medeiros send word of his website for FitFlash, an open-source JavaScript solution for Flash movie resizing on an HTML page. It works on top of other embedding solutions such as SWFObject, and allows a custom resizing solution, restricting the minimum Flash movie size. A pretty nifty solution that I hope will be natively implemented on the next version of SWFObject (or SWFFix).

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hey zeh,

I needed this some time ago, there’s an add-on for SWFObject that implements this feature:

It should be natively supported by SWFObject, though.

peace irmão

Posted by Raul Carrasco on 28/Sep/2007 at 2:36 pm

The script is simple and effective, but what I most like on this kind of distribution is the care with the developer, the last avaiable package have very good examples and the easy of use is just fantastic.

Very recommended.

Posted by Ruy Adorno on 30/Sep/2007 at 8:06 pm