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New gotoAndLearn website

The year of 2008 starts with a bang as Lee Brimelow releases version 2 of the gotoAndLearn website. There are plenty of Flash and Actionscript tutorial videos featured on the website, including video, sound, and 3d, and I’m quite pleasured to find one of them being about animating with Tweener. Thanks, Lee! (also, thanks to […]

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Posted on 2/Jan/2008 at 11:56 am | 2 Comments | Categories: Actionscript, Flash, Typography

First official Flash 8 work

Well, it has begun. Apparently, we don’t even need the good news that Flash Player 8 adoption has been faster than all other versions: just a mention of some of the new features (specially related to video and the new express install) was enough to convince the client that Flash 8 was the better option. […]

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Posted on 2/Feb/2006 at 1:19 pm | 1 Comment | Categories: Actionscript, Flash, Site releases, Typography

Erik Spiekermann speaks

Japanese website PingMag has an interview (in english) with everybody’s favorite german type designer, Erik Spiekermann. It’s pretty lengthy and pretty cool – instead of focusing on the obvious (the history of MetaDesign and so on), it goes pretty deep into typography itself. Source: OS X Code (r,s)

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Posted on 31/Oct/2005 at 6:49 am | Comments Off on Erik Spiekermann speaks | Categories: Interface, Typography

Hot new pixel font site: UltraFonts

Creating pixel fonts for hinting emulation might not be that useful anymore, but original “pixel” font design is still alive and kicking; now more conscious of Flash’s limitations (erratic filling and blurring) than ever. One of the newest exponents of such trend is UltraFonts, a slick new site by Truth In Design. Joining the ranks […]

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Posted on 26/Jan/2004 at 9:19 pm | 3 Comments | Categories: Flash, Typography

FontLab releases FontFlasher

Good news for Flash 6- developers: FontLab released FontFlasher, a conversion tool that creates new truetype fonts suited for a fixed size based on an original font’s hinting instructions. This software has been discussed here recently. Although there are similar software packages already released by other companies, this will probably make this kind of conversion […]

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Posted on 16/Nov/2003 at 8:11 pm | 1 Comment | Categories: Typography

Two-way painless ‘pixel font’ creation

Ok, here it is: a software to painlessly create so-called pixel or bitmap fonts, SimpleFont. It’s a commercial software and I haven’t tested it already, but some people might be interested. Via Quasimondo. While we’re on the subject and I’m feeling like Santa Claus on crack, I remembered I had to make public my special […]

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Posted on 3/Nov/2003 at 10:35 pm | 3 Comments | Categories: Typography

Even more coding fonts

Finally: some great font for programmers. First there’s ProFont, which is kind of small but specially suited for coding. It’s a .FON font, meaning it’s a real bitmap font that only works at a given size (Windows 3- days!), but it’s ported to Mac, Linux, and Windows TTF as well. I know lots of programmers […]

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Posted on 20/Oct/2003 at 12:06 pm | 11 Comments | Categories: Flash, Typography

FontLab still digs pixel fonts

Now this is kind of ironic. Just after the “the death of the pixel font” article I posted a couple of days ago, comes the news that Fontlab is in fact investing some efforts in the pixel-emulating font creation. I’ve just received an announcement from the Typophile e-mail news feed. To quote:

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Posted on 2/Sep/2003 at 12:38 am | 1 Comment | Categories: Flash, Typography

The death of the pixel font

Everybody knows: Macromedia Studio MX 2004 has been announced by Macromedia, and that includes Flash MX 2004 in two flavors: standard or professional. The bomb is out there, and now there are lots of features that will have to be assimilated by the Flash hacking crowd. One of the Flash features that received a long-awaited […]

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Posted on 30/Aug/2003 at 12:43 pm | 34 Comments | Categories: Flash, Typography

Flash ANSi viewer and reflections on Flash speed

Old technology never die, it only gets emulated. Anyone remember the ANSi format? The ANSi (with a lowercase “i” – ain’t it 1337?) format was used on Bulletin Board Systems (BBS for short) years ago. If BBSs were the world wide web of the 90s, ANSi screens would be the HTML of the 90s. To […]

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Posted on 21/Jul/2003 at 1:32 pm | 9 Comments | Categories: Actionscript, Flash, Oldschool, Typography

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